Goals for 2016

This post was actually supposed to go up New Year’s Day, but I had some technical difficulties. However, I’m thankful for them because it gave me time to revamp my post. Originally, I wanted to include my goals, or “resolutions”, as some would call them. Which, I still plan to do, but I also want to include some goals for my blog, as well as my natural hair.

Lifestyle Goals

  1. Strengthen my relationship with God
  2. Drink more water, Less soda
  3. Start yoga
  4. Become a Vegetarian (more on this in another post;)
  5. Read at least 5 books this year.

Blog Goals

  1. Post at least twice a week
  2. Include more visuals in my post
  3. Try to increase my word count

Natural Hair Goals

  1. Retain more length
  2. Incorporate more protective styles
  3. Grow out the little bit of heat damage and cut it

Hopefully writing down my goals will keep me accountable. I hope and pray that 2016 will be a positive and prosperous year for all of you.

Tell me,

What are your goals or resolutions for 2016 ?



Author: sasmithh

A twenty something just trying to find her way.

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